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WHAT IF ... ?

¨What if¨ tool for the transformation of reality, an Architect has to ask himself about everything to move forward.

When I was young I could get into the Alhambra (Granada), and when I saw the ceiling of the comares hall, I felt like a sky of stars flying over me and at that moment I realized the power of the Architect. Since then, I have been committed to using this power properly.


My name is Carlos, I'm an Architect graduated in Bachelor's Degree in Architecture + Master's Degree in Architecture (Arch. Design/ Engineering).

I am from Spain. I am a good team player, I love sports in general and Karate in particular, which I have practiced since my childhood. I achieved the black belt, demonstrating my compromise with the values of continuous dedication and technical perfection.​

400 28th Ave

San Francisco, CA, US 94121

Tel: +1 (415) 612-0247


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